Made in Senegal by our team in the prison of Dakar Senegal

Your purchase is a gesture of solidarity. Ordering an Origasmik flower or bouquet is a direct contribution to the reintegration of people in difficulty. We work in collaboration with the Senegalese association CI BITI, which works to improve the conditions of prisoners in Senegal through paid production workshops in prisons and detention camps.

The time of detention is not incompatible with that of creativity!

The whole team thanks you! Thierry (project manager and budding origamist), Paul (origami trainer), Felicia (origami trainer), Hassan (workshop leader), and our origamists Sala, Hibou, Trésor, Aleouba, Sidibe, Boubacar, Bernard, Jacques, Alex and Telemak.

Each of our products is unique. Discover them!

Our workshop in Dakar

Blue hydrangea blooming

Black rose blooming

Pink Japanese sakura blooming



Sakuras & Hydrangeas



Roses, Dahlias and Sunflowers