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Our secret : the origami hydrangea is composed of 52 flowers (gradations of azure blue, celestial, maya and sky, or gradations of azalea roses, lollipop, romance and magnolia), long stem wrapped with Japanese paper tape, and 3 whole green leaves.

Our decoration advice: your origami hydrangea will perfectly decorate your living room alone in a one-stem vase. It will also look great in a bouquet of 3, all of the same color or in an assortment of colors (two blue hydrangeas and one pink hydrangea for example).

Meaning: for the language of flowers, offering a blue hydrangea is a message of friendship and closeness to the other. Offering a pink hydrangea is a way to show your love for a person.

Dimensions: 42 cm of elegance * 15 cm of explosion of colors * 15 cm of grace

Folding time for an origami hydrangea: 3.5 hours of patience, meticulousness and delicacy.

How to take care of your origami flowers ?

Do not water :-), do not plant :-), just admire ...

Discover how we make origami hydrangea in 20 sec step motion

Discover our origami roses in vidéo