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Our secret: bouquet of 25, 50, 75 or 100 lavender flowers in crepe paper. Made with 60g azalea pink crepe paper, as well as 60g veronese green crepe paper for the stem and its two whole thin leaves.

Our decoration advice: your lavender bouquet will perfectly bloom your interior in a simple white vase.

Meaning: lavender symbolizes freshness, purity, silence and calm. Its ability to create a peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal flower for interior decoration. In addition, if you give lavender to a loved one, you are sending a message of calm and serenity.

Size of a bouquet of 50 lavenders: 35 cm of lightness * 20 cm of calm * 20 cm of zen

How to take care of your bouquet ? do not water :-), do not plant :-), just admire...

Folding time for a bouquet of 50 lavenders: 5 hours of patience, meticulousness and delicacy

Beauty is eternal, pick it in origami

Discover our lavender in video